You generally need to know the following:

  • How many prints?
  • Overall size of print?
  • Size of head within the image
  • Position of head within the image (often size of gap above head)
  • Resolution required, our standard is 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), it is a very simple matter to use a higher resolution.
  • Colour or shade of the background, a few countries require red or blue backgrounds (or light gray/neutral)
  • Weight & finish of the paper
  • Some countries may also require a Signature strip or Ref. No. to appear within the image
  • Does the back of the print require a stamp (i.e. Canada)

Hair, Glasses & Head coverings:

  • Hair is normally required to be kept clear of the face. Note: there may be a requirement to show ears.
  • Glasses, pictures can be shot both with and without glasses (4 copies of each) NB. if glasses are worn there must be no reflections over the eyes etc.
  • Expressions should be ‘neutral’ with mouth closed, you can opt to have a ‘smiling’ picture (again 4+4 prints) should you need a CV picture (no extra cost)
  • Religious head coverings (if permitted) must still show full face.

Extra prints:

  • Sheets of 16 prints or half sheets (8 prints) are avaliable both at time of shooting or as re-print orders.
  • Digital copies at passport resolution can be Emailed to you in emergencies
  • Full print resolution (example of a ‘smiling’ CV image) can be ordered as prints or digital files; just ask about costing, depending on use etc.
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