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Note: Subject to other bookings/commitments our passport service is also available both in the evenings and at weekends, generally it takes about 40 minutes to take the pictures and edit to size/specifications & print, clients can collect later that day/following day or have pictures posted.

Passport Photographs:

With over 30 years experience in producing professional, high quality passport & visa photographs, both for staff working overseas, and private individuals PBM is used to  to meet the often very exacting standards of image sizing required by non-UK governments.

Many countries specify very close tolerances as to the head size as well as the position requirements, in addition to the overall size of the print.

Additional country specific  requirements may include coloured background (typically red or blue), signature strip or reference number appearing within the image.

Visa and immigration pictures:

As well as the ‘facing camera’ picture Visa & Immigration may instead state that, as an example, that the right ear must be shown with the head part turned ‘off camera’, or even may require a full (side) profile image in addition to a frontal or angled shot.

Provided you bring down the specification sheet (or we help you search on-line if you need assistance #) there is rarely any problem meeting your specific needs.

#  As long as that country publishes the picture requirements on-line.

Depending on the overall size of the passport picture you will normally be supplied with 8 prints on a sheet, the number of copies (2-4 normal) the country requires are trimmed to the overall print size.

The spare prints are generally either left as a sheet of 4 (or 6) or can be cut, in the case of the USA passports (square) the extra prints are often cut to the full (rectangular) image, should you loose the square prints it is a simple matter to trip your spare prints.

Here are just a tiny sample of some of the numerous passport, visa and ID images that have been taken, showing a few of the sizes/shapes/bacgrounds. Etc.

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